środa, 18 marca 2009
Hasta la vista!

Hola Chicas :)

No to by bylo na tyle - check in done, plecaczycho almost done, ide sie chilloutowac przed podroza ...


Adios, Companeros :)

17:41, dszymanska
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wtorek, 17 marca 2009
Wiosna w Greenwich !!!!

I to jaka!!! 15 stopni C w Londynie w czasie weekendu... wszystko wybuchlo wiosna, kwitnaca, pachnaca, cudowna i ciepla. Ach jak wspaniale.

Weekend z Tata w Londynie - bylismy na ten przyklad w Greenwich...





Fajnie byc po obu stronach polkuli :) Troche w Buenos, troche w Sydney... No i Cape Town. Ja mysle, ze to co mi wczoraj wyszlo na Facebook'u ze moim krajem do mieszkania jest Afryka, moze miec swoje konsekwencje w planach podrozy... Ale na razie Australia :) Znaczy na razie Kuba, potem Hiszpania a potem Australia :)

13:11, dszymanska
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środa, 11 marca 2009
Going home -> London a potem... Havana!
Te dwa tygodnie byly dosc intensywne... A tu na dodatek jeszcze Tatko przyjechal wczoraj... Duzo sie dzieje :)

Czy ja juz wspominalam, ze w czwartek za tydzien jade na Kube? :)
20:06, dszymanska
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poniedziałek, 02 marca 2009
Snowstorm in Virginia!!!

Nie mam sily pisac poraz kolejny jak zakonczyl sie przemily weekend u Ani i Bartka w DC... Wiec nie bede tlumaczyc po prostu przekopiuje z maila:

Yes, I spent 9 hrs driving from DC last night, being caged for 3hrs right before reaching Richmond (caged meaning sitting in the car, not being able to go anywhere or to move the car forward). I was with assistance of all other cars caged with me on 1 lane only on the highways (rest of them was not appropriate to use, filled with snow and ice) and rather not moving. The automatic gearbox wasn’t helpful, cars where bouncing on each other bumpers and many of them ended up in the snow on the side or just stood in the middle of the road but facing wrong direction… For some moments I wasn’t sure if I am still in control of the car and where I am actually going because there were no signs visible (covered with snow), sat nav couldn’t connect to the satellites and generally speaking I felt like in one of those movies… And I am not telling that story to my parents J But I made it and it was the right thing to do as morning wasn’t any better! The snowstorm was coming quickly, but the conditions were deteriorating rather slow... I should have some pics later!

I'm safe now although it is still snowing heavily...

20:45, dszymanska
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