środa, 30 kwietnia 2008
Czech adventure continued

Prague - weekend break destination.. AVOID!!!

Prague - communist sentiments...

Prague - that is cool!

15:51, dszymanska
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czwartek, 24 kwietnia 2008
Life's update

My goodness! It's been ages I wrote something here... But since no one is reading, no one is leaving me comments... It seems like i do now write for my only pleasure. Let it be.

I came back home after 2 months of travels. How great it was, only I can say. But I do appreciate that i can travel here and there as part of my regular job. Now, when i will stay home for 5 weeks feels like.. Ah, not true! I will shortly go on my campervan trip to Scotland (yayayayay!!!) And, this weekend exciting plans for our dear frineds that come to visit us (I cant say anything as they might be reading this site... :p). And last but not least a weekend in Paris coming closer... Yeah :)

I cant sit in one place. I'm getting crazy by that.

Yesterday, I woke up in the morning (nothing unusual, i know) and i opened the window. To my surprise outside, on the green lawn there was sort of huge pile of papers, documents, different stuff lying all over. It looked very obvious to me - someone was robbed. I went down and collected the stuff, because noone from my dearest neighbours seemed to care. All the documents were wet from the rain but there was plenty of business cards and some id of one guy. I found also car keys, memory sticks, CD's etc... I took everything home and started calling number from business card. FInally i reached the company PA and left the message. They guy called me 5 minutes later. It occuerd that he is my neighbour next house and his house was robbed last night!!!

Gee. Nice american guy. His laptops and othe techy stuff were gone. At least I rescued his car :) from having tio be destroyed by mechanics. Then I hosted local detectives and police... It costs a little to be good citizen :) They took my fingerpints to exclude it from the stuff i touched. All the excitement... Never have done that before. Not entirely like in the movies... Anyway, they will not be stored in any database... Uffff, what a relief... :)

...Prague Photos...

...Classic Prague...

12:12, dszymanska
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wtorek, 15 kwietnia 2008
Flying pigs :)

Quiz for today - what does expression 'flying pigs' mean for Brits? ;)

18:52, dszymanska
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niedziela, 06 kwietnia 2008
Not so nice this time

Zurich adventure this time was dreadful. Reason for such assessment is quite simple – accommodation conditions. First time I was asked to change the hotel due to the costs efficiency. And due to the Jewellery fairs in Basel (yes yes, in Basel!) most of the hotel in reasonable pricing limits were fully booked. In the end we ended up in the hotel in the outskirts of Zurich. Sommerau Ticino in Dietikon. If ever ever you will be forced to stay there – better rent a car and drive further or sleep in the car…

The hotel was dirty and old inside. Old does not mean usually bad but in this occasion it means that the hotel looked with its old carpets never cleaned I guess and furniture from 70ties like an cheapest student loge, or youth hostel, one of this kind you would never stay even on budgetary holidays for your own money. And it was cold. And this was smoking room. Anything else that I should add? Maybe yes.

N stayed in another hotel in the area and it was worse. She was afraid to touch the bed not mentioning leaving sth in the room while we were out…

Finally, we met in the middle of the distance (hers was in the middle of the field with potatoes or something…), mine was in the desert suburban town. And we found an Italian restaurant, expensive as hell, but very good. And the wine was excellent J

Next day she decided to stay with me in my room (to that exten the conditiions in which she stayed were nice taht even my crappy room was better - fotz to follow as soon as i get back home) but finally we gave the idea as packing and unpacking was not welcome for one night only.

But we had great fun with fondue one night (yes, same as previously J) and we experienced old cheese fondue with small potatoes. How yummy… Next time we went to same Italian as last time in February (seems like we are getting used to our places…) and the wine was ohhhh… from Sardegna, smooth and sooo tasty. Do I get wine fan…?! It is all because of her!!!

Anyway, speedy shopping for red bull, chocoloate and cheese seem to become a tradition in Zurich as well.

One of the thing I notices outside UK is that sugar (the normal one you use to sweeten coffee or tee) is much more sweet in continental Europe than in the island...!

11:40, dszymanska
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