środa, 31 października 2007
Autumn in my heart.

Today is Halloween. My sad sad sad life has proved again that I'm completely useless. Even have no friends here to party... So, the sad evening and another too short night are waiting for me.

Autumn...!! I hate late autumn and winter time is so depressing...

Although, I should start feeling lucky for next week...


I've managed to register to the GP (doctor) very recently and went today with my severe health problems, which waited couple of months to be noticed by my brain. Of course, I chose the practice very carefully to minimise the indian doctors and of course, I've got and indian doctor. I gave UP! He examined me almost without touching me, not mentioning cleaning hands. No need to take of your clothes, because that would be treated as harrasment... Gsshh. I need to go to the hospital to make the blood test otheriwse it will take a few weeks in my surgery...


My Dad has gone away. It was a very sad moment. Honestly, I cried. When he was here, I realised that he is getting older. And he knows that as well. I knew that we will have to talk about those feelings. And we did. A little. It is too hard. I mean, maybe it is me, maybe I'm too emotional. But I still feel like their child that will come back home, to its place, will eat lunch with mum and dad and will feel their love. It doesnt matter if we argue. It doesnt matter if we need peace from each other, because I'm impatient and they want me to know more from their experience which I cant stand... Who doesnt know those situations? What matters is this deep feeling inside. The true love.


So, we went to London with my Dad to the most crappy hotel I ever seen!!!! Never Ever go to the MITRE HOUSE HOTEL close to the Paddington station. Although they seem very reasonable from the internet and have good website, their rooms are dirty, small, smell with cigarettes and have one of the rudest personnel I've ever met!!! Also, if you're late for breakfast which is served only until 9:00 am you have no chance to get it... So I didnt realize that guestes have only 1,5 hour to get their breakfast. As soon as I got down, to the reception I asked where is breakfast lounge. And the lady in the reception almost screamed at me: WHAT FOR?! I thought I'll say her something but needed to calm down... There was nothing I could do and I wanted to have a nice weekend with my Dad.

We hardly slept, because I forgot how hard my Dad snores... And the room was so tiny... I woke him up every other 15 minutes to stop snoring, so.. Yes, it was extreme. But he was very brave, he never complained. And this is how I know that he loves me :)

Weather was unacceptable for the whole time of 5 days. We have gone to Stonehenge on Sunday in the wind, rain and all of the horrible british weather... What a shame.  Not mentioning Oxford under heeeeeavy rain falls. Well, at least now he understand what I meant saying that weather here is very difficult to accept for longer time period...

But we were driving in My Little Baby and it was splendid. Even if I found out that there are might be some problems that my seller did not tell me about... Oh well, you'll never be able to get 100% assurance... I'll find out 2mrrw how that impacts my finances...

17:57, dszymanska
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czwartek, 25 października 2007
My Father.

I'll be off for couple of days. Or maybe I'll find some time to give you some updates... As it seems right now, I'm deeply impressed by my car.

I managed to get to the Stansted airport today. I was driving according to the sat nav in my little baby. I must say it is really effective and well done. Anyway, the trafiic was somewhat dense so it took me exactly the same amount of time to get there as to my father to fly from Lodz to London...!! two damn hours!

I barely had time to get some coffee for him, which was a very good idea after a cheap airlines flight... He was really positively shocked that after couple of hours you can be in another world really. And see your own daugther. It is so good to have him here. Honestly and so surreal. I mean, like he was always here. Like he was part of this place already. Maybe, because he and my mum are so deep in me that they are part of my life whenever it takes me to...

So i took him to the parking and let him smoke.

- Now, where did you park? (there is a lot of park rows at short stay car park at Stansted).

- Here, very close.

- Great.

- Actually, Dad, in this row, you will find my car.

- But... I dont see anything in burgundy... Or... No, maybe we need to go further?

- No Daddy. I'll make it easier for you. My car is in between first 10 cars from the beginning.

- .....!!! Unbelievable! You bought the car?! Where is Toyota? I know it is Toyota? Oh god...!!

He was so excited. Like a small kid. I was so happy for him. He was so happy and proud of me. It is so good to feel as a child of your own father again.

00:28, dszymanska
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poniedziałek, 22 października 2007
Here it is - My Little Baby

This is the real life, this is not fantasy... My almost dream car is mine. The day was long and stressful yesterday, full of excitement, losses of self-confidence and fears... But I made it! The Toyota Avensis Estate is MINE. ANd it has steering wheel on the right side of the car... It is amazing how it feels to drive such a car. I have the opportunity to start over again learning how to drive. It is like begining again from the scratch - almost everything works like in the mirror... Ghsss... And what's worse - the space consciousness is completely different - now I need to concentrate extremely hard on the left side of the road since I do not feel how far/close am I. Anyway, lots of stress and fun in the same time since car is amazing and awesome! And it is HUGE. I tried three times parking today. I had cold hands and got sweating instantly. But i made it after couple of times and extensive external support :))) Be fearful - I'm coming :p

Oh, and the best would happen on Wednesday. My Daddy is coming to UK. And he doesn't know. It is a special surprise for him... I'd love to see this smile and proud at his face. I want to give him the joy.

20:55, dszymanska
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sobota, 20 października 2007
New Family Member :)

Wow, what a busy time for me... Time passes by as a hurricane. I had so many things to do, to think about, to organize, ... Too many to's. But actually couple of nice surprises too :) So, if everything goes fine - tomorrow I'll be a new Toyota Avensis Estate owner... It makes me shiver and grey-haired but what a heck, I can do it! I went through choice, test drive, conversations with different salesmen and decided to go for THIS one. Gosh... In a way it was good to go to this strange and great in the same time place, called car supermarket. You can go ahead and have a look at more than couple of thousands cars in stock. It took me more than half of the day. And I've been there at least three times. During my prvious visit I met a guy, called Jack. He started to talk to me and all of the sudden we were speaking polish! Jack lives in London since 20 years... So, I had a polish salesman. Lucky, you would say. Of course, in a way yes. He explained me a lot, but what I didnt like - I was treated like one of these stupid, small girls, that have no clue about cars so you cannot treat them with respect. Anyway, I was motivated to buy a car. Therefore I needed to cope with that and I did. I'm not sure whether I chose well, but it was the best choice at that time and it will show up tomorrow. One of my polish mechanics is coming with me so will be able to look at the car with a world of difference in approach.

One would say that buying a car is simple as 1-2-3. Bly me! Specifically if you're buying a used. Here is mine procedure (so far... I may need to revisit it after 2mrrw):

1) Extensive web research. You look at different forums, discussions, reviews, articles, experts advice etc. And not only about model of the car you're interested in but also what to look for, how to check the car, how handle dishonest people & garages and so on and so forth.

2) Now it is the time to look at the prices for the models you have chosen - have couple of them so that you can have a choice and give them a try. It's very important, if you're not convinced for one specific car, but need some sort of vehicle of this or that type.

3) Go and look at the garages clos to you. Talk to the salesmen, try different cars. Be very indecided... It is very important to sit down in the cars you've chosen. It's extremely important to have this look & feel of the machine. For me it was one of the crucial points. i was almost decided to go for Mazda 6 but all of the sudden it appeared that it is a piece of plastic crap inside... Well, Toyota might have other problems but looks very decent and solid. For me of course.

4) Have a test drive. With couple of the cars. Different models and at least two of the same type that ou have finally chosen.

5) If you've decided to go with one single car, perform HPI or RAC check (to verify if the car has not been stolen, written off, has outsanding finance etc). I would highly recommend as well to perform independent mechanical check with RAC. But you have to plan it well in advance. I missed that and may be very dissapointed in couple of days b/c of that. BUT HOPEFULLY NOT...

6) If you'll do the RAC check they will offer you free insurance cover note for 7 days. This will enable you to drive away from the day you purchase the car. And will give you more flexibility in time to chose appropriate insurance (being a foreigner it takes me A LOT of TIME!!!).

7) Go to different websites to organize the insurane you need. I can recommend Direct Line as the cheapest one and as far as I was able to find out - very often used by my Britts. And be aware that different insurance companies will not leave you in peace once you left your phone number in of their sites. F.e. if you go to or Tesco insurance you will get hundreds of available insurance offfers, and you don't have to fill the forms separately on every site. Recommended definietly!

This is so far I got. Will be able to tell you later more.

One interesting thing that happend to me first time. I wanted to pay for my RAC test online with the Credit Card online. And how big was my surprise while I got an error message that my card could not be authorised. Shhhhhhhhit! Friday evening, after 9pm, what the hell am I supposed to do now?! He? Woke up in the morning and called RAC. I was very nicely surprised by the way that my case was handled. I was explained that if I recently changed my address this transaction could not be allowed by their security. Well, who can answer me what recently means for Britts? Any guess? All right, I'll tell you :) Couple of last years.

Off topic - me in Atlanta :)

21:35, dszymanska
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środa, 17 października 2007
Sky panorama of Atlanta

All right, jet lag seems to be under control (well, more or less). I've filled in tons of surveys (one for hotel, one for congress, some for training events etc...).

WHat happens now is kind of strange. I try to put everything together, clean up my to do list (teehee) and prepare for new member of my family (who knows??) to come soon, my father to visit me next week and other excitements. In fact all of these result in to do list growing faster, nothing prepared for the newcomers, no planning for my dad travel... Just great!

So, because we are all humans (except some swedish ppl...) i decided to finalize this day with at least one small tiny but SUCCESS :) I chose to download my Atlanta's fotos and upload some of them. Not all relevant but some. Rest will, will come. Period.

With hugs and kisses to Marisa and Wade - Sky Panorama of the Downtown and some parts of the Midtown.

23:28, dszymanska
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